Important Costs Fees & Taxes associated with acquiring property in Cyprus

Transfer Fees

It is payable at the time of the transfer of the property at the appropriate Land Registry Office.

3% on purchase prices up to €85,000

5% on the next €85,000

8% over and above €170,000.

If the purchase is made in joint names, the effective value for calculation is halved.


Stamp Duty

1.5 per thousand for the purchase price of up to €170,000

2.0 per thousand for the part of the purchase price that exceeds €170,000


Plus €50 to deposit the agreement.


VAT (If the property is sold for the first time):

The VAT for a new house/apartment is reduced to 5% for first time buyers (for the first 200 sq.m.) Otherwise, the rate of 19% VAT applies.

For a new building, the VAT it is 19%.

Please note that you will pay either Transfer Fees or VAT.

Legal Fees

Dependent on the complexity of the transaction; usually the legal fees are between €5,000 to €6,000 plus VAT for a buying a house, registering it and following up the title deed as well as applying for and following up the Permanent Residency. However, for investors who are buying properties in return for Citizenship, the fees are between €10,000 and €15,000 plus VAT in addition to the application fees payable to the authorities.  


Permanent Residency Application Fee

€500 plus any residency fees, after approval, if applicable.


Citizenship Application Fee

€2,000 per person, but for minor children €80

After approval Fees: €5,000 per adult person, and free for minor children.


WCR - Way to Cyprus Charges:

After the investor(s) receive the Title Deed, our charges are as follows:

For buying a house that costs less than €300,000 our fees are €2,000 per house

For buying a house that costs €300,000 or more, our fees are €4,000 per house

For buying a building or a mansion, that costs at least €2,000,000 our fees are €10,000 for each building/mansion.


If the purpose of buying the property(ies) is for getting the Cypriot Permanent Residency or EU Citizenship within 3 months, we will charge you after you achieve your goal.